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Stasi Prison

Führung durch die Gedenkstätte mit dem Zeitzeugen Hans-Jochen ScheidlerBuchvorstellung und Podiumsdiskussion Jugendhaus Halle

Political persecution and imprisonment in Hohenschönhausen 1945-1989


Guided tours of the Stasi prison

Learn about the history of the site and the fates of the people who were imprisoned here on a guided tour of the former Stasi remand centre. The tours are led by former political prisoners and historians.

Register for a public tour or book a guided tour for your group.

 Guided tours

Current exhibitions

View of the permanent exhibition "Imprisoned in Hohenschönhausen".

Imprisoned at Hohenschönhausen

Permanent exhibition, 9am - 6pm every day

Free admission

To the exhibition

Kitchen hall of the permanent exhibition "Involuntary Community. The Labor Commandos of Prisoners in Hohenschönhausen".

Involuntary Community

Permanent exhibition, 10am - 6pm every day

Free admission

To the exhibition

In our media library you will find English-language videos, biographies and publications on the history of the former remand centre of the Ministry of State Security and the fates of the detainees.

History and fates of imprisonment

Special camp, Soviet remand prison, Central remand prison of the Ministry for State Security - various phases of political persecution, repression and imprisonment overlap on the site on Genslerstraße. Find out more about the history of the site and the fates of the numerous prisoners.

Collage of portraits of contemporary witnesses

Fates of imprisonment

Read the biographies

Opening hours

The Memorial is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

It is closed from 24th-26th December, 31st December and 1st January.

How to get here

Tram M5 to Freienwalder Str.

Tram M6 / Tram 16 to Genslerstraße

Bus 256 to Große-Leege-Str./Freienwalder Str.